Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day's Rich Rewards

I woke up on one particular summer day when I was living with my parents and was up ready to head outside to try out my new mxt metal detector from White's. My dad was serving as a pastor of an old country church in Minnesota and I had gotten permission to search the grounds. We lived in the parsonage next door to the church and I had been able to search the grounds previously and had found some good coins. The church was founded in the late 1800's and I had found several coins dating to that time. What made this particular church extremely profitable was that that there had never been a parking lot put on the grounds. So from the time the church was founded to now the congregation would park their cars on the lawn in order to go to church. So the area was untouched, perfect for running my new metal detector around the yard.

My Dad's Church

I bounded up the stairs to get a good breakfast before the day's hunt. Went I reached the top of the stairs and glanced outside my heart sank. The sky was overcast and a slight drizzle was falling soaking absolutely everything. As I sat down to a breakfast of eggs, toast and a tall glass of milk I was trying to come up with some way to go ahead and take the detector out anyway.

After breakfast, I decided that I would wrap the box up in plastic and give it a try nonetheless. I headed out into the garage with detector in hand and grabbed a shovel that was propped up against the wall. The rain was now only a mist falling and I headed over to the church. I slowly began detecting keeping the coil close to the ground so that I would get the best result. It wasn't very long until I had a pretty good signal. I checked underneath the bag to see what it was the display showed a pretty strong showing that it was a quarter. I started digging and to my absolute delight brought out a beautiful Liberty quarter.

I ran back to the house to show my mother and Great Grandmother what I had found. They were very impressed. I headed back out to the church yard and continued the hunt. I was pulling coins out both clad and unclad. The next big find was a 1906 barber half pictured below. The three bottom coins were all picked during that wet drizzly day. The top two were part of a picture I listed on ebay to sell the coins. I got almost 100.00 for the lot of them and that was before silver had made it's jump.

Bottom Three Coins Found At The Church

A good rain will bring actually be a benefit to you when you go metal detecting. Because the rain in the earth helps to conduct the transmissions from your metal detector helping you to locate the deeper targets. If you think that an area has been hunted out then try it after a good ground soaking rain. You will be surprised at how many targets start leaping out of the ground.


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